"The one"

20. listopadu 2010 v 23:31 | Martin
Dear friends,
it is already nearly half year when my son came as bright light to my life...

I can tell you that is really a miracle to see his big development like:

- first smile
First smile
- first food

- first "roll"

... and I could continue...

Because winter time came again and it is less opportunity to fly, I will try to upgrade website, show you what we did in production and introduce you our new dreams .

Best regards!

The most beautifull day of my life

30. května 2010 v 20:22 | Martin
Dear friends,
I want to say only one thing - today is happiest day of my life!
My amazing wife gave me beautifull son.

Martas 1
Basic data
Day of birth - 30.5.2010, 14:49 (12:49 UTC)
Name - Martin
Weight - 3,68 kg (8,11 lb)

Happy mother Stana

Happy father Martin


15. listopadu 2009 v 22:01 | Martin
Dear friends,
weather is comming to be not so good for flying, so I spent some time to learn how to make a website.
First test you can see on:

... and of course I will work to improve it soon

+ some new photos. Enjoy them

And one nice photo from French magazin "Volez "

Test flight done!

7. července 2009 v 21:43 | Martin
Dear friends,
two very important steps in my life are done

27.6. I had great wedding. I have to say thanks to all my friends - it was unforgettable day.

And 3.7. we did test flight of Phoenix
And final version of instrument panel.....
Enjoy the pictures....
But one more info I must say.... Phoenix flies better then it looks like

Best regards!

And now the adviced secret...

10. června 2009 v 7:17 | Martin
Dear friends,
I want to invite you 27.6.2009 to Usti nad Orlici airfield (LKUO).
The best arrival time is arround 14:00-15:00.


Well... because of my wedding
Please no worry about special dress and no worry about wedding gifts.
I want you to feel as comfortable as possible (yes, jeans or shorts are allowed and recommended ). And if you really want to buy something, thing about how much it costs, put that ammount in envelope and that is the best gift you can make

The plan is simple...
Ceremony will start at 15:00 and then we prepared a big hangar party with pig on the fire, beer, wine.... all what you like on Czech Republic
You can come flying and no problem for accomodation.

Only one small request....
To manage all as perfect as possible please confirm your arrival to
+420 724 084 966
Thank you.

I will be so glad to enjoy this important step in my life with you - my friends.

And don´t forget to change the page in your calendar

One important date!

8. května 2009 v 8:21 | Martin
....and before I forget....

I have a small secret for you....
Please note very important date 27.6.2009.
It is last weekend in June.

Soon I give you much more informations dear friends....

Best regards!

Few news :-)

8. května 2009 v 8:15 | Martin
Hello again dear friends!
I have good news for you
We started last step to finish Phoenix - engine installation.
But just before start of engine installation we assembled the plane on the airfield to make few photos for you.
Of course we also finished succesfully last two requested tests - control lines + undercarriage drop test.

Please enjoy following photos

First two from the outside....

And now the cockpit...

PF 2009

5. ledna 2009 v 10:00 | Martin
Dear friends,
as you know, year 2009 is very important.
Because for spring 2009 we are planning to make a first flight

Dear friends, Phoenix Air team wish you a lot of safe landings!

Strength testing

4. prosince 2008 v 16:14 | Martin
Hello dear friends,
November has been a very important month.


Because we succesfully passed first set of strength testing.
This time only to safety factor 1 (as I say - maximum "real life load").
After test flight results, we will go up to safety factor 1,875.

OK, so what we did?

1) wing load test - left and right to see possible difference in deflection.
2) flaperon control test - to see if flaperon control line work at any load.
3) fuselage strenght test - fuselage and engine bed attachement at the same time
4) tow hook test - in case the airplane will be used for aerotow (yes, very important and usefull). Of course we did complete set of tow hook tests covering LSA and European rules

And few photos....

First - wing load test + flaperon movement test.
Together 1 030 kg. Deflection measured on the wing tip - 1 meter.

Fuselage test.
Engine bed + cockpit....
... and tail surfaces.
And tow hook test.
Now we work on control lines.
And one interesting thing about control lines I show you next time
Best regards!

HKS 700E

4. listopadu 2008 v 14:49 | Martin
Hello dear friends,
today I would like to introduce you one idea we had.
From my experience I know also pilots using motorgliders mostly for gliding. They use engine as "something heavy and noisy necessary for independent takeoff"
That pilots would like to have maximum glider ratio and they don´t need to have 100 hp for 10 m/s climb ratio or aerotow.
Then engine HKS 700E can be solution.
(more info about the engine is on web http://www.hks-power.co.jp/hks_aviation/)
Because HKS 700E engine weight is low, we could use also retractible gear and still stay in UL category.
Just an idea but.... what do you thing?
Best regards!

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