Říjen 2008

The beginning....

25. října 2008 v 19:13 | Martin
Dear friends,
in year 1925 Mr. Mojmir Dvorak wrote in his "Book about economical flying mashine" list of 10 basic requirements for small airplane:

1) ideal aerodynamic solution
2) good economy of flight (ability to fly without engine = low fuel requirements)
3) easy and fine manoeuvrabillity
4) easy handling (ability to takeoff unassisted, if only pilot and passenger are present)
5) ability to be dismantled (for easy transport in train as a passenger luggage)
6) easy and fast assebmling
7) easy and cheap change of main parts
8) low price (comparable with the price of motorized bicycle)
9) engine and propeller must be a part of aiplane and should not disturb aerodynamic glider characteristics
10) engine must be at any time able to start or to be shut down

Well, I hope you understand that I cannot offer you transport of your plane as "passenger luggage in the train" and also "price comparable with motorized bicycle" is something to be discussed .

I personally agree with all requirements, but I thing Mr. Dvorak missed the main one.
Safety. First of all, plane must use all possible safety systems to protect pilots at any time.
But the rest is "supertemporal".

And with all this basic ideas, we started to make U-15....

To be continued.....

Best regards!

The end....

23. října 2008 v 11:02 | Martin
Hello dear friends....
As you know, two years ago we started to turn our dreams to reality.
And from today I would like to inform you about history of our project, what we did, why we did, and what are results.
I hope you like TV show RED DWARF, because if not, sometimes you may will have problem to understand us

So lets start from "The end"....
Now I want to show you what this BLOG will be about.

Yes, U-15....
Please enjoy the first photo of assembled plane
More info is on the way....