Prosinec 2008

Strength testing

4. prosince 2008 v 16:14 | Martin
Hello dear friends,
November has been a very important month.


Because we succesfully passed first set of strength testing.
This time only to safety factor 1 (as I say - maximum "real life load").
After test flight results, we will go up to safety factor 1,875.

OK, so what we did?

1) wing load test - left and right to see possible difference in deflection.
2) flaperon control test - to see if flaperon control line work at any load.
3) fuselage strenght test - fuselage and engine bed attachement at the same time
4) tow hook test - in case the airplane will be used for aerotow (yes, very important and usefull). Of course we did complete set of tow hook tests covering LSA and European rules

And few photos....

First - wing load test + flaperon movement test.
Together 1 030 kg. Deflection measured on the wing tip - 1 meter.

Fuselage test.
Engine bed + cockpit....
... and tail surfaces.
And tow hook test.
Now we work on control lines.
And one interesting thing about control lines I show you next time
Best regards!