And now the adviced secret...

10. června 2009 v 7:17 | Martin
Dear friends,
I want to invite you 27.6.2009 to Usti nad Orlici airfield (LKUO).
The best arrival time is arround 14:00-15:00.


Well... because of my wedding
Please no worry about special dress and no worry about wedding gifts.
I want you to feel as comfortable as possible (yes, jeans or shorts are allowed and recommended ). And if you really want to buy something, thing about how much it costs, put that ammount in envelope and that is the best gift you can make

The plan is simple...
Ceremony will start at 15:00 and then we prepared a big hangar party with pig on the fire, beer, wine.... all what you like on Czech Republic
You can come flying and no problem for accomodation.

Only one small request....
To manage all as perfect as possible please confirm your arrival to
+420 724 084 966
Thank you.

I will be so glad to enjoy this important step in my life with you - my friends.

And don´t forget to change the page in your calendar

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Lucas Lucas | E-mail | Web | 30. září 2011 v 7:05 | Reagovat

Ale jo, proč ne....:-)

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